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Oil Rig Jobs - Roustabout Jobs

Tired of looking for accurate information about roustabout jobs? For all the specifics you need about oil rig jobs and how to find them, our experienced staff can help. Whether you're new to the industry or are a seasoned roustabout, we can assist you in sourcing the most current jobs available and let you know what you need to have an edge over other potential applicants.

Roustabout jobs are an important part of making the work on an oil rig go smoothly. They do a variety of tasks including cleaning drill bits to painting anything that need touched up. Their job is to make sure the other staff are not distracted by other things that could get in the way of their work. A roustabout can be a permanent member of the oil rig crew or they may only be on the rig temporarily.

Roustabout jobs can be hard work, so there are things in place to make it as comfortable as possible. Some examples of creature comforts on oil rigs are mini theatres with large DVD collections, gym and sauna facilities and delicious food day or night, as the teams work on a 24 hour rotating roster. The crew usually work an on-off system of two to three weeks at a time, and are free to go home on their weeks off.

We can take you through a pre-employment assessment that will help us determine the best way for you to proceed with the application process for roustabout jobs. Our staff also have access to the details of current jobs available on oil rigs, to give you an advantage over people looking in the usual places for job advertisements. If you want to know more about what we can do for you, contact us to find out how we can help.

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