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Working on an oil rig can be a tough but rewarding job, but it is not for the faint-hearted. It means working in all sorts of potentially dangerous weather conditions, but this can also be exciting and provide many interesting stories to tell people during your weeks back home. Although it can be a challenging career, oil rig jobs no experience UK could be exactly the right lifestyle for you, with opportunities to move up the employment ladder.

There are a few types of oil rigs that all serve a different purpose. A platform rig is usually constructed after oil has been located in a certain spot. As well as producing hydrocarbon it drills more wells in that area, and is one of the larger types of rigs. For oil rig jobs no experience UK you would usually start out as a roustabout, which is someone who does random but essential tasks, and which can lead to more stable positions aboard a rig.

Oil is the key ingredient in such products as shampoo, plastic, cosmetics and bitumen for roads, and the obvious use for fuel. Oil industry is an interesting and progressive career choice that suits a range of people such as the technically minded and physically active.

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