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Many cooks have a passion for traveling. Many travelers have a passion for cooking. This makes offshore catering jobs an ideal career for many people. Offshore catering jobs generally refers to cooking on an oil rig. The workers on oil rigs do intense manual labor and their work is highly valued. To reward these hard workers, oil industries try their best to make their facilities tranquil and relaxing.

Their facilities consist of personal living spaces which usually includes satellite TVs in every room. They also have leisure activity rooms with tennis courts, gaming consoles, Internet caf?s, steam rooms, and even gyms. Along with 24-hour access to these facilities, workers are also allowed 24 access to food catering. This means, offshore catering jobs are in high demand by both employers and employees.

Not only do offshore catering jobs give you access to these same facilities, but they also give you access to new lands. Many workers that obtain offshore catering jobs fly from across the world to work on oil rigs. They work for a few weeks at a time, and then have a few weeks of holiday time in which the return to their home.

The pay for offshore catering jobs is outrageously excellent compared to land-based cooking, and there's always room for growth. With a foot in the door in offshore catering jobs on oil rigs, you always have the opportunity to move up and make even more money as a crew worker on the drill team. Many workers on the drill crews begin as cooks or gallery hands, and then moved up from there.

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